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Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 19/07/2016 10:57 ciders
- The rebel KC-135R's were threatened to be shot down, they diverted to over residential areas but eventually landed.

- Currently the two S-70A-28D CSAR helicopters are reported to be missing. They dropped 25 CSAR / SpecOps commandos to Marmaris to kill the President. Helicopters withdrew to a mountanious area and assumed to be left by pilots.

UNCONFIRMED reports of rebels using:

- 7 x F-16's from 141 Sq; 5 x F-16's from 8MJB (probably 181 LANTIRN) 9 x S-70 4 x AH-1W 2 x T129 was used by rebels. mmediately after take off, AH-1W's and T129 attacked and damaged remaining helicopters at Guvercinlik to prevent chase by loyalists. Some reports also say some jets damaged on ground.

- Unknown number of Police helicopters damaged / destroyed on ground by bombing of rebel F-16's.

- TR-300 MBRL systems ordered to leave their base in Polatli district of Ankara. The crew told they were going for an operation against Syria. In the middle of the road, either because of the crew noticed the coup attempt or by resistance from police and citizens, they were stopped at the outskirts of the city.

- The two pilots that allegedly shot down the Russian Su-24 are reported to be detained. It is not clear whether they were using THE aircraft (hence F-16D) or they BOTH took part in the downing (2 x F-16C's) is not clear at the moment.

Toujours en provenance d'Acig. Si vous trouvez des photos d'appareils endommagés ou détruits, je suis preneur.
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 20/10/2016 10:46 ouakamois
100 Super Mushshak MFI-395 vont être acquis au Pakistan.
Super Mushshak
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 20/10/2016 15:39 Ansierra117

ouakamois a écrit

100 Super Mushshak MFI-395 vont être acquis au Pakistan.
Super Mushshak

Grosse exportation pour le Pakistan alors que son JF-17 a du mal !
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 25/11/2016 19:30 Ansierra117
C'est signé : finalement c'est 52 appareils (ce qui est déjà pas mal)
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 03/02/2017 14:36 ouakamois
Alenia ATR 72 ASW with torpedoes
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 13/05/2017 10:33 ouakamois
Source : forum.keypublishing.com
The Turkish government has signed a letter of intent to purchase up to 24 Hurkus light attack aircraft from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI).
Officials from TAI and Turkey’s Undersecretariat of Defense Industries (SSM) inked the agreement at the IDEF defense show here on May 11. SSM plans to purchase 12 Hurkus-Cs for use by the Turkish Land Forces, with options to purchase an additional 12.
Negotiations are underway to finalize a contract in the coming months, with industry officials telling Aviation Week the program will likely take up to three years to complete.
The order follows the successful test firing of a Roketsan Laser-Umtas (L-Umtas)/Mizrak laser-guided missile from the modified prototype Hurkus-A on April 7 on a test range near Konya.
The Hurkus-C will be developed from the Hurkus-B advanced training aircraft, which is currently being developed by TAI. It will be equipped with three hard points underneath each wing and an electro-optical camera system under the fuselage.
TAI needs to complete development of the Hurkus-C with additional weapons testing and integrate the weapons systems with the Aselsan avionics suite being developed for the Hurkus-B.
The company also is expecting to support some training for Turkish Army pilots, as the only fixed-wing aircraft currently in service with Turkish Army Aviation are Cessna 172s and Beechcraft King Air turboprop support aircraft. Officials also will have to select a self-defense system and electro-optical camera for the in-service fleet.
Meanwhile, the seventh and eighth Hurkus-B aircraft have entered production at TAI’s facility in Ankara.
The first aircraft is due to be powered up in July and should make its first flight by late 2017.
The Turkish Air Force has ordered 15 Hurkus-Bs for advanced training and has options to purchase up to 40 more.
TAI is planning to send one of the prototype Hurkus aircraft to the Paris Air Show next month, where it should appear in the flying display.
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 16/05/2017 00:17 Ansierra117
Topissime comme info ça, merci Ouaka, the internet digger :)
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 24/06/2017 12:05 ouakamois
Ils montrent les dents de plus en plus
TAI Huskus A
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 08/07/2017 09:11 ouakamois
ATR72-600 TPMA Turquie
Notons les 2 torpedos..
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 08/07/2017 10:55 d9pouces
Sympa ! Par qui ont été faites les modifications sur les ATR-72 ?
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 10/07/2017 13:31 Ansierra117
Les précisions en-dessous sont extrêmement intéressantes :

The ATR 72-600TMPA (Turkish Maritime Patrol Aircraft) is a multi-role aircraft developed from Leonardo to satisfy the Turkish Navy maritime patrol requirements. Named Meltem 3 in Turkey, this variant of the ATR-72 is quite different from the Italian ATR-72MP (or P-72), as it features the Thales AMASCOS (Airborne Maritime Situation & Control System) mission system and includes new functionalities such as AIS, Link 16 and the last generation weapon systems, like the Mk 54 Light Weight Torpedo.
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 30/11/2017 09:15 ouakamois
Poursuite des essais
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 22/04/2018 20:24 ouakamois
Sikorsky S92A
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 12/05/2018 01:37 ouakamois
F35A immat 18-0001 C/n AT-1
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 13/05/2018 13:21 Paxwax

ouakamois a écrit

F35A immat 18-0001 C/n AT-1
Pas encore sûr que celui-ci ne soit jamais livré aux Turcs. 2 procédures sont en cours, l'une au Sénat US et l'autre au Congrès, pour bloquer cette vente.

Source: The Hill
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 05/07/2018 17:33 ouakamois
Turkish Aerospace choisit Dassault Systèmes pour accélérer le développement du chasseur TF-X
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 15/07/2018 06:30 ouakamois
30 TAI T129 commandés
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 16/09/2018 15:39 ouakamois
L’Émir du Qatar a offert ce Boeing au président turc Recep T. Erdogan
Boeing B748 VQ-BSK offert à la Turquie
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 09/12/2018 11:38 ouakamois
Il faudra compter de plus en plus avec les turcs sans le domaine des UAV
Re: Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turquie à 09/02/2019 07:15 ouakamois
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